Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Disney Dream - The Aqua Duck -

The Aqua Duck is the FIRST and only water coaster at sea. Our family booked this cruise over 15 months ago. We watched it be built, waited and waited and watched some more. We were so excited when they put out the videos about the Aqua Duck. The Aqua Duck was the highlight of the cruise. Especially for our Parker. She rode that ride more than all of us and begged and begged for more. The ride goes along the entire length and back up the other side of the ship. At one point it loops over the ocean. It sounds scary but its not and its very safe. You get a little splashed but not completely wet. At night they have it all lit up with Red, White and Blue lights that circle around the tubes. It’s really pretty. Also on board are a few pools, the Mickey pool (below) the mickey slide, the goofy pool and then a pool for the adults only.

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